Canna Lily Propagation and Germination

Not only do Canna Plants propagate through rhizomes, they also propagate through seed germination.  Canna Plants are hardy plants that thrive in zone 8, where heat (aka direct sunlight) and humidity are prevalent in the summer months.

How to propagate Canna Plants from seed:

  1. Soak the seeds overnight to soften the black coating shell
  2. Rub each seed on a rough surface to scar the shell
  3. Plant in the ground or in a pot one inch deep
  4. In 5-7 days you should see young shoots popping up
  5. Keep the ground moist but not wet
  6. Transplant into the ground or leave in container pots
    What to watch for:
    Watch for worms in the new Canna Plant leaves.  The worms will “sew” shut the young leaf that is still curled up, from there they eat the leaf inside out.  The sealed leaf hinders growth of other new leaves, eventually stunting and stalling out the plant.

The photo shows a young Canna Plant growing along side a dying Bells of Ireland plant.  The Canna Plant started from a rogue seed.  I have many other Canna Plants that have started this way as well.

What other zones are Canna Plants successful in?

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